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  • Aaron Krall

    Aaron Krall

  • Newark Global Shapers

    Newark Global Shapers

    The Global Shapers Community is a network of young leaders in Newark NJ between 20 and 30 years old who want to undertake local projects supported by WEF.

  • Shiv Biradar

    Shiv Biradar

  • Cleber Guedes

    Cleber Guedes

  • Vasileios Tsianos

    Vasileios Tsianos

    Finance @IEbusiness, Climate Change activist, Tri-sector Partnerships architect, Political Campaigns advisor || @Davos Global Shaper, @COP21 Delegation Head

  • Lola Fariñas

    Lola Fariñas

    PhD. Visiting research fellow @ucdavis / @UPV .Interested in finding relationships between things that apparently haven’t any #Physics #Plants #FoodTech #Data

  • Ferran Masias

    Ferran Masias

  • Edgar Pons Forn

    Edgar Pons Forn

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