1Month1Challenge: Overcoming obstacles via focused learning.

Anything is possible in under 30 days: Running a marathon, learning how to code or reading one book each day.

Challenge your limits

On July 1st 2017, inspired by Matt Cutts TED Talk and Max Deutsch’s project, I decided to start my own 12 yearly challenges.


I want to become a better version of myself. Due to my type of personality I tend to perform well under the pressure of specific goals and objectives. I am also quite obsessive about what I do and to be honest, although I love COD, I’d rather learn how to code than play the latest COD version for 12 hours straight (been there, done that). While my day to day work is already challenging, I want to develop a set of skills that will better prepare me for the Future of work and that will teach me to take on difficult tasks effectively.


The idea is simple: Focus your attention and efforts into one specific challenge at a time. By informing your friends and family that you are taking on that challenge, they can push you to commit and hold you accountable. If I fail, you can beat me with a stick :) If you are interested, Max Deutsch has already built an AI Coach App to help you in the process, I recommend you to check it out!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to get to the very top of a competitive field. However, getting to the very top isn’t always necessary. Knowing how to do something fairly well can still enrich your life and open new opportunities. In order to learn how to do something and be moderately good at it, it takes way less than 10,000 hours; I would say more like 1-month, and I’m determined to prove it.


Here is a list of the challenges I have chosen:

  1. July: Running a marathon
  2. August: Learning how to code by completing CS50x
  3. September: Waking up every day at 5:00am
  4. October: Building an Android App
  5. November: Getting a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu
  6. December: Finishing all the deeplearning.ai courses
  7. January: Becoming proficient in Bachata dancing
  8. February: Winning 2 simultaneous chess games while blindfolded
  9. March: Having a 30-min conversation in Italian, Portuguese and French.
  10. April: Reading one book a day
  11. May: Building a Self-Driving Car (borrowed from Max Deutsch)
  12. June: Doing the challenge you all suggest & pick.

What should I do on June 2018?

Anything you want really, let me know your ideas.

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Co-Founder & CEO of Akademy.ai. Passionate about AI. Global Shaper @WEF. My dream is to use technology to create a positive impact in our society.

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